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We partner with qualified, strata-specialist insurance brokers to ensure our clients are being looked after by expert insurance professionals. 

Many strata management businesses handle their clients’ insurance policies directly with the insurer. We don’t agree with this approach for the following reasons:


  • Only a small number of insurers will deal with strata managers directly. This means that when a strata manager goes direct to the insurer, the client is not getting access to the full insurance market and is therefore potentially missing out on a better and more cost-effective insurance solution.

  • Strata managers do not have the training and qualifications that insurance brokers are required to have. It is also not the strata manager’s core business or service, and therefore they’re unlikely to hold the same level of knowledge and expertise as a specialist insurance broker. This means that strata managers typically will not be able to provide the client with the necessary advice – for example, comparing different policies and advising on the best solution.

  • Strata-specialist insurance brokers tend to have better ‘buying power’ with the insurers due to the amount of business they place with them. This often allows them to negotiate better terms and outcomes on behalf of the client.


Instead of this traditional approach, we partner with strata-specialist insurance brokers to handle our clients’ insurance needs. They will:

  • Go out to market prior to each renewal and seek competitive quotations.

  • Provide the client with advice and recommendations in relation to their policy and renewal options.

  • Assist with the management of insurance claims and advocate on the clients’ behalf with the insurers to get the best possible outcomes.  

We work closely with the insurance brokers and also provide the following insurance-related services:

  • Arranging valuations.

  • Arranging insurance repairs.

  • Submitting insurance claims to the insurance broker.

  • Engaging with the council in relation to potential claims to assist them in managing their claims history.

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