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We're happy when our clients are happy!

"From day one Kara immersed herself into our business, developing a good understanding of our complex, our people and importantly our history. She very quickly helped us sort out a number of issues that had been outstanding for a long period of time providing us with the professional advice we needed to resolve our problems. 

Kara also brought a level of professionalism to our council meetings that we had not experienced before. This gave our meetings more structure with a level of discipline that enabled us to make informed decisions and progress matters in an efficient and timely manner. 

We believe Kara is the ultimate strata manager; she is well presented, highly professional, very knowledgeable and most importantly a nice person. For the first time in our history we have very positive acknowledgement from all owners in our complex in regard to our strata manager."

C Billings.

"It is not often that you come across such a professional person like Kara. Kara was very supportive as we worked together on procuring and executing a major render repair and associated works contract to the building in excess of $1.5m. Post project she has mentored the newly formed council to assist with practical completion of the repair project and has guided us through some challenging other strata matters outside of the project works.

I was particularly impressed by her professionalism throughout all of these steps and even more so during some very challenging times and situations."

J King.

"Kara provided us with much needed guidance for our first meeting and her professional manner was very encouraging. Kara came to the meeting well prepared, I must say I was quite impressed.

After meeting and speaking with Kara I have every reason to be put at ease and have no concerns on how she will manage the complex."

L Hitchcock.

“After 40 years of apartment living and experience with many strata managers I have no hesitation in recommending  the team at Strata Life WA, in particular Kara Grant. 


Kara goes ‘above and beyond’ the strata management requirements and is professional and well versed on the strata management rules. The best strata manager I have come across in my many years. Thank you 😊”


V Zaffino.

"Proactive, experienced staff. Have already made a massive difference to a 40 apartment residence in less than two weeks of being on board."


J Jacobson.

Lisa went above and beyond to assist us with a matter that ended up at the State Tribunal.
Her attention to detail, exceptional communication skills and professionalism were essential to the positive outcome we received for the Council of Owners.
She invests her time and attention in the properties she manages and is also lovely to deal with. I thoroughly recommend her services.

A Ford.

Bianca Pinzone has managed our Strata Scheme since the beginning of this year.
During this time, I have been extremely impressed with the way she has handled her duties. She is unfailingly cheerful and engaging in her communications with the owners. She keeps us informed of any developments that we need to consider. An example of this is the email she sent to all owners regarding the upcoming changes to the Strata Act. She gave us a comprehensive summary of the changes that will affect us, and followed up with details of a Zoom workshop that my husband and I were able to join to give us information that is more detailed.
She always responds promptly to any requests such as insurance claims and other maintenance issues, and deals with matters quickly and efficiently.
Bianca chaired our recent AGM, and I have to say it was one of the best run meetings I have ever attended. It is no easy task to chair a meeting of a dozen or so very diverse people, and keep them on track without appearing officious. I think Bianca got it right: she was in control of the meeting for the whole time; she tactfully ensured that correct procedures were followed; she brought us back into line when we were in danger of getting sidetracked; and most importantly, she had the answer to every question that was fired at her, and gave her answers clearly, concisely and confidently.
Bianca shows a maturity beyond her years, and is very committed to her work. I believe she has a great future ahead of her, and I wish her well.

B Coniam.

As Council of Owners member for Ocean Beach Strata, I have worked closely with Clare Edwards for the past 4 years. I have found Clare to be highly responsive to the needs of our complex and she has worked closely with our council to provide a service that meets the needs of our large complex.
Clare is approachable, caring and flexible, and she has been able to adapt to the many changes that have occurred in our complex during this time. It is evident to me that she is committed to her customers through her caring and friendly approach, even under the pressures of managing a large complex such as ours.

Penny - Chairperson.

Bianca Pinzone has been the Strata Manager of Marabank Loop (Strata Plan 36911) for more than 12 months including an AGM in January 2020. As the Chair of the Council of Owners, it has been my duty to liaise with Ms Pinzone during this time for the management of the complex.
This time has included the introduction of the new Strata Act on 1 May 2020, and Ms Pinzone has been invaluable in helping us negotiate the new regulations, and advising me on how to proceed with introducing new Strata By-Laws for our plan.
Following our quarterly Council of Owner meetings, the minutes are distributed to the Council and to Ms Pinzone, and she acts on the decisions made usually without any further need to communicate with her. This makes for a very efficient working partnership.
Ms Pinzone’s diligence in seeking quotes for work to be done, or for strata insurance, has meant that we feel that we are not wasting money on inflated quotes.
Her help in negotiating the WA Strata Company’s portal has meant that I can retrieve information on the finances of our strata very conveniently and this helps the Council of Owners deliberations enormously.
We have had only one AGM since Ms Pinzone became our Strata Manager, but having been appointed the Chair she handled the AGM with aplomb and was obviously across all the details of our Strata.
I have no hesitation in recommending Bianca Pinzone as a Strata Manager to others and congratulate her on her ability and her dedication to providing an excellent service.

A Edwards.

We employed WA strata company about six months ago to solve some of our unsolvable problems. Lisa van den Westhuizen was assigned to help us.
We are very pleased with the progress she has achieved without too much fuss. We have found her very professional and approachable. Nothing has been a problem. Always very friendly and positive.
We can highly recommend this company and Lisa to you without hesitation. Excellent work and outcomes have been achieved.

M & C McGowan.

As the strata complex owner-occupier and also strata investor I have known Ashlee Whitwell through the strata management platform for a number of years since early years of her career in 2007. Working with Ashlee Whitwell before and also presently in her capacity as the Senior Strata Manager is a delight even for the most discerning clients like myself. I have been dealing with numerous strata managers over last sixteen (16) years. Ashlee is very efficient in progressing and resolving strata issues and also most pleasant to work with, of all. Her can do attitude is humbling. She is focused on tasks and demonstrates very good grasp of issues. This instils a great deal of confidence into clients minds. Ashlee is very well organised hard working person communicating efficiently and is very patient with clients. Good listening skills are clearly evident. Importantly, and this is as rare as hen’s teeth among strata managers Ashlee is visible at the strata complex she manages. She is curious, willing to learn and investigative. All above results in the good knowledge of problems first hand. All this is very impressive. Ashlee is also very reliable and represents interest of strata owners extremely well.
Additionally a strong desire to achieve best results for the strata company under her management and progress actions and initiatives saving strata company money are always clearly on display.

G Paszkudzki.

We have a survey strata development and had a Strata Manager for four years until we started to realise that we were not getting value for money. Our attempts to negotiate for a better deal failed to generate any savings so we decided to test the market and see what alternatives were available.
We had very little experience in Strata Management and were quite worried about the consequences of changing our Strata Manager, but we needn’t have worried. Clare and Bianca made the process very easy, we just had to sit back and let them do the work. The transfer went really well, Clare kept us in the picture all the way and then Bianca took over as our new Strata Manager.
This change saved our Strata Company a considerable amount of money and proved that we’d made the right decision in both looking for a change and in appointing WA Strata Management to take care of our affairs.
On a day to day basis Bianca has helped us very efficiently. She has provided us with valuable advice and has steered us through a process of By-Law Consolidation that has strengthened our legal position, so we have a secure future to look forward to.
We would not hesitate in recommending WA Strata Management to any Strata Company looking for a Strata Manager in the Peel Region.

S Merrick.

I have been on the Council of Owners for our Strata complex continuously for many years and currently hold the positions of Chairman and Treasurer.
In these roles, and also as an owner, I have known and been dealing directly with Clare Edwards as our Strata Manager for over 7 years. I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable and proficient in all matters relating to the Strata.
During this period I have needed to contact Clare many times for advice and/or discussion about various matters and, on every occasion, have been completely satisfied with the outcome. Clare is easy to talk to and is always very pleasant, courteous and helpful. One gets the feeling that nothing is too much trouble for her to take on board.
All tasks required under our management agreement with WA Strata Management, including some not strictly covered by that agreement, have been carried out by Clare and her staff efficiently, effectively and without hassle.
In her role as Strata Manager, Clare has always produced the necessary Agenda papers and minutes of our Annual General Meetings in a comprehensive and timely manner. The owners have had enough confidence in her abilities to appoint her to chair each of those meetings. In that role she has run the meetings well and ensured that all owners were given sufficient opportunity to contribute their views and ask questions.
I look forward to a continuation of the same standard of service for many years to come.

B Todd.

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