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About us

Emerson Raine was established in 2022 when 6 of Western Australia’s leading strata management business owners came together to draw on their collective 60 years of experience, shared values and a common goal to create a truly industry leading firm that would set a new standard for strata management in WA.


Individually, the Directors of Emerson Raine built trusted brands and solidified their reputations in the property industry as leaders in their field with integrity, fairness and a consistent commitment to client and solution focused service.


Together, supported by a strong team of experienced high performers and leading technology, something uniquely special was formed.


Our name embodies who we are, pays homage to our state’s history and inspires the way we work for our clients.


‘Emerson’, meaning ‘Brave’ and ‘Powerful’, represents our bold, progressive and dynamic approach to strata management, and using the power of our collective experience and position in the industry to achieve the best results for our clients. ‘Raine’ pays homage to Mary Raine, an astute entrepreneur and philanthropist who was a key figure in shaping our capital city. Mary founded Perth’s iconic Raine Square which seeks to celebrate and integrate some of the state’s oldest architecture with new, contemporary design. Working in the WA property industry, we believe this is an important part of our history.

In Emerson Raine's infancy, our Directors sat down to reflect on their shared values and what Emerson Raine should mean for our staff and our clients. They all agreed on the importance of one word - support. Providing a supportive environment that lightens the load for the people that we serve, is at the heart of everything we do.

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"Kara provided us with much needed guidance for our first meeting and her professional manner was very encouraging. Kara came to the meeting well prepared, I must say I was quite impressed.After meeting and speaking with Kara I have every reason to be put at ease and have no concerns on how she will manage the complex."
L Hitchcock
“Proactive, experienced staff. Have already made a massive difference to a 40 apartment residence in less than 2 weeks of being on board."
J Jacobson

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